Dé Jìan Táng

Preserve our national heritage.
Cultivate a passion for classical Chinese art.

Dé Jìan Táng is a specialist in facsimile reproduction of classical Chinese paintings. We work with major museums in China to scan and digitize their collections of classical calligraphy and paintings, and to produce the most accurate reproduction of these art pieces. In addition to museum, Dé Jìan Táng also work with art galleries, contemporary artists and private collectors to scan and produce facsimiles of their art pieces.

Classical Chinese calligraphy and paintings, collectively known as “Shu-Hua works”, are among the oldest ongoing artistic traditions in the world. While enjoying the beauty and magnificence of these exquisite artworks done with brushes on paper or silk, one is actually tracing history and getting acquainted with the essence of Chinese culture and values that through the ages have inspired the Chinese people to strive for social progress? However, works of such high artistic, historic and cultural value in their original are inevitably kept in museums, and are seldom shown to the general public as a precaution against damages and caused by light and humidity. Even if a valuable Shu-Hua piece is being exhibited, it must be placed in a glass fiber reinforced plastic case for security, making it difficult, if not impossible, for the viewer to fully appreciate its beauty and detail. Moreover, exhibition of valuable Shu-Hua works at a venue away from the museum where they are kept may be prohibitive because of insurance and other costs and the environmental challenges with the venue intended for their display. It is true that illustrations of artworks can be found in books, but these are far from being ideal.

It is this somewhat deplorable state of affairs that has prompted Dé Jìan Táng to develop a state-of-the-art reproduction technology that can achieve the highest degree of resemblance to those valuable Shu-Hua artworks. The Dé Jìan Táng reproduction is faithful to the original in every detail, thus providing a perfect means for any person to enjoy the classical Shu-Hua artworks, even if one does not have access to the original. As suggested by experts from museums and fine art schools in China, our reproductions are “perfect substitutions” of the genuine artworks for public display, for study of China’s Shu-Hua art and also for private collection, thus a huge attraction for museums, academic institutions and private collectors.

Our website showcases the work we have done in collaboration with various museums in China since 2002. It is the fruit of total dedication from our team through years of research and development, and one simple belief that our work will help carry our tradition and culture forward to the future generations and to the rest of the world. It is our sincere hope that you will enjoy this collection and will connect with us to share the joy and passion for classical Chinese paintings and calligraphy.